The Simple Marketing Blueprint

Stop spinning your wheels, say good-bye to the hustle, and get started with marketing that feels great and attracts the clients you love.

My Simple Marketing Blueprint will change your business forever. 

Just as it did for me. 

" Ugh. I wish someone else could just do it for me."


If that's how you feel about marketing, then this is for you.


I used to feel like marketing was a necessary evil. Like, hold your nose and push through because that's just what you gotta do to get clients.


Until I started watching entrepreneurs who were having fun, doing things their own way, rejecting hustle, and actually helping people WHILE marketing.


I've learned a new way, and I want to share it with you. 

4-Part Mini Training

Video training that walks you through the Simple Marketing Blueprint

Your Marketing Plan Workbook

Your workbook to design and create your marketing plan in real time

Activities Planner

Google Sheet to plan our your action steps month-by-month

Accessible Training

Includes searchable video lessons, speed control, and downloadable audio & transcriptions

You can grab your Simple Marketing Blueprint Mini-Training now for only $17

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