You know you were made for greatness.

And you're doing great work. You're doing the hustle. You're showing up.


So why does it feel like things are still so scattered and haphazard? Do you consistently ask yourself if you've got what it takes to keep this up?


Maybe you feel stuck on what business direction to take next, how to effectively market what you have to offer, or need help designing a new program to efficiently help more people. 


All the while wondering how on Earth you're going to juggle changing the world with kids and household and daily life?


I get it.



In order to thrive as the person you were created to be, you need to be whole, healthy, supported, and equipped with tools and training. So that you can rise.


And it's a whole lot more fun to do it together with like-minded, inspiring, driven women who have your back.


I'd love for you to join me as part of the brand new RISE mastermind, a sisterhood of women passionate about restorative health care, ready to lean into who we were created to be in order to contribute to the world from a place of abundance.



A complete mindset + wholeness training program by The Woman School


Get training, planning, strategy, and support with our marketing expect, Michelle Tayler


Quarterly Strategic Planning Sessions with Anna + optional individual weekly accountability


Private community space + quarterly masterminds for deep-dive collaboration

Comprehensive Personal Development Training Program

Through the Art of Being A Woman Masterclass, by January Donovan and the Woman School

  • Step-by-step training on self-worth, mind management, relationships, brain science, skills training, and more. Includes a complete workbook.

  • At your own pace you will work through the lessons in the Woman School Hub and have optional strategy and support with Anna Saucier, a Woman School Strategist.

  • Lifetime access to the entire masterclass content, including all future updates.

Marketing Training, Planning, Strategy, & Support

With 20+ year marketing veteran Michelle Tayler

  • Weekly Office Hours for you to ask anything, get clarity on your marketing plan, have your marketing materials reviewed.

  • Marketing Reviews of your website, lead magnet, sales page, emails, etc, recorded and searchable.

  • Meet Michelle: Michelle has over 20 years of experience in senior marketing positions for several multinational organizations. In recent years Michelle has used her vast amount of marketing knowledge to coach medical, specialist, dental and allied health practice owners.

Personal + Professional Strategy & Accountability

With Anna Saucier, Business Mentor + Woman School Strategist

  • Personalized Strategic Plan to help you define how you will move forward at a consistent pace. 

  • Quarterly one-on-one strategy sessions to review current strategic plan, celebrate what's working, and make necessary adjustments.

  • Weekly office hours to get questions answered when you need it.

  • Weekly individual accountability option to submit a form to Anna on a weekly basis to stay on track and get feedback.

Private Community + Quarterly Leadership Mastermind

Private, secure community + powerful quarterly mastermind sessions.

  • Private Community in our intuitive, user-friendly, off-Facebook space at

  • Connection and Collaboration with other leaders and influencers in our quarterly live mastermind session. We don't change the world alone. Each of us has a unique gift in this shared mission and there are massive opportunities to support each other.


  • Lifetime Access to Art of Being a Woman Masterclass, by The Woman School
  • Personalized implementation plan design

  • Weekly office hours for personal or business development questions & support

  • One-on-one laser mentoring each quarter

  • Weekly individual accountability

  • Weekly marketing reviews

  • Quarterly live mastermind group session

  • Searchable video recordings of all marketing reviews and mastermind group sessions

  • Private, off-Facebook community space on

  • BONUS: Printed workbook for the Art of Being A Woman Masterclass mailed to your door

  • BONUS: 22 professionally written, done-for-you industry-specific articles + accompanying social media posts to save you a ton of marketing time



Or Annual Option of $2,997 (get 2 months free!)

Lock in Founding Member price for as long as you remain a member in good standing.


After first 10 Founding Members, price will increase to $497

Questions Answered

  • 1. Is there a commitment required?

    Members paying monthly will be asked to make a six month commitment. Members paying annually will make a one year commitment. As personal and professional development lasts a lifetime, this is designed to be a ongoing program.

  • 2. How much time should I dedicate weekly/monthly?

    You are encouraged to dedicate as much time as you can to personal and professional growth. Progress is directly correlated to repetition. I will work individually with you to design what is sustainable for your schedule so that continuous progress is made. At bare minimum, you should plan to set aside 1 hour per week + 15 minutes per day. That does not include time spent on marketing lessons, office hours, accountability, or live mastermind.

  • 3. How do I know if this is right for me?

    The RISE Mastermind is for women in restorative health care who want to thrive in work and life, and maximize their contribution to the world. We are not here to get by or to get through. We are made for greatness. Greatness takes work and we will do this together.

  • 4. Do you know when the office hours will be?

    Marketing office hours are currently Mondays at 6:30pm eastern. General office hours are rotating between Thursday and Friday mornings at this time. These are fluid as will adjust to the needs of the group. 

  • 5. What does it mean to be a founding member?

    It means that you get to be a part of shaping the RISE Mastermind! It also means that everything isn't perfect and polished -- we're growing as we go. Here's what to expect:

    • You will get immediate access to our brand new RISE Circle -- the place where you'll find all the info you need, office hour recordings, member chats, and community.
    • You will get access to the ABW Masterclass within a few days after signing up.
    • You will get your bonus printed ABW Workbook in approximately one week.
    • Once you've completed the Introduction and Lesson 1 of ABW, you can schedule your first Strategic Planning Session with Anna.
    • Individual weekly accountability will begin in October.
    • There will be things that we will learn as we go along -- I will want your input as we shape this incredible program!

        Anna is very approachable and willing to share ideas! She immediately put me at ease and I felt comfortable sharing half-baked or barely-baked ideas without feeling silly. She provided me with specific ideas and I felt like she paid attention and helped me hone in on what really sparked interest for me and resonated with my work. Anna is very intuitive and naturally guided me to explore and be curious about what I could do next.


        I really appreciated her concrete ideas, too. She got very specific, which was very helpful and didn't leave me feeling like, "Great idea - now what?" She provided me with a specific couple of steps, so I could take that and MOVE. 

        Bridget Busacker

        Founder, Managing Your Fertility