Let's introduce your questions to my answers.


These sessions are held via Zoom, so we can screen share as needed and get to the bottom of anything you need help with. These sessions are recorded (+ automatically transcribed and searchable!) for your convenience so that you can reference our discussion as many times as you need to.


Marketing & Social

My passion is making marketing and social simple and effective. NOT doing all the things. If you want to pick my brain on this, let's do it! I can help you myself or direct you to the right resources.

Tech Help

Pick my brain on tech for Kartra, Acuity Scheduling, DNS or domain names, Zapier, and more. If I can't help directly, I will help you identify the best resource.

Business Systems

I can help you brainstorm and blueprint business systems and automation -- marketing, operations, outsourcing, and more.

Apps & Tools

When it comes to scheduling, bookkeeping, email automation, email hosting, websites, etc, there's SO much to choose from. I love helping you to choose the tool that's best for you right now.


Anna is very approachable, intuitive, and makes you feel comfortable sharing half-baked or barely-baked ideas without feeling silly. She pays attention and provides specific ideas -- not leaving me feeling like, "great idea - now what?". She's great at specific steps so I can just GET MOVING!

Bridget Busacker, Founder, Managing Your Fertility